Graphic Design Tips for Social Media

Creating a graphic design that stands out in a stockpile. What does a graphic design for social media possess to turn out appealing to online guests? Should you even spend time and effort in making one?

Every corner of your social media page matters. Visual content is the most powerful tool to use so make sure that your graphic design is compelling to look at. Discover a few graphic design tips that will give increase brand recognition.

Planning process

A graphic design like a logo takes time to produce. It takes a team of experts to brainstorm and produce something great. Make a draft of your business concepts so that the entire can see them.

Big brands have greatly benefitted from using logos because they consumers easily identify them with logos. It is easier for them to make improvements in their graphics. For starters and small businesses, it is a huge step to take and planning must be meticulously done. Find the best designers in your community, or if possible, pirate the ones that the big brands hired.

Make your research easier by using Logo Gala or Logo Moose. Google images can also be a great source of previous designs, sketches or drawings that worked and didn’t work.

Sync with your concepts

Take into consideration the business concepts you are currently using like theme, objects of interest or even the font you are using in your ads and promotions. Once consumers find the details familiar, it can give a lasting impression. They will immediately relate the logo to your brand.

Appealing design

What is it with the check mark on Nike, red and the yellow shell figure of Shell or the interlocking letter C in Chanel that makes them appealing? First, they are unique. Second, they are easy to recall. Lastly, they are simple.

Everyone gets easily familiarized with your logo if you applied those three characteristics in your graphic designs. Avoid stealing or copying logos from big brands because you will surely look like a big joke to your potential consumers.

Strategic locations

What is the use of making incredible graphic designs if they are not strategically placed?  Where do readers expect to find your logo?

Making an impressive graphic design is not all that matters. Make sure that you display them appropriately on a web page. They don’t need to be too bright or huge. They should be small yet visible enough. Putting them in the upper corners of your page will work great too or perhaps next to your brand name.

Resourceful Place For Designers


Today knowing how to design is now really useful, since everything happens online. Whether it is for a design you will post on Facebook, or to modify a Instagram imagine, or to work for someone as a freelance from all over the world or to start your own branding, having some design skills can always come super handy. That being said, you should know that designers do not invent or design everything, most of them use already designed stuff on multiple websites and they use those graphic elements to make their designs better and more efficiently. After many long searches online, and multiple websites scanned, we have come up with some really cool website, aka tools, that can help you into designing better. We hope this article will bring you the peace you have been looking for because prepare yourself to save a lot of time with them!


Subtle Patterns


Subtle Patterns is a website that allows you to download for FREE any patterns you want, whether you want to use them for a website background or for a menu cover, you can use everything on that website. They even offer a plugin you can use in Photoshop directly. As indicated on their website, they applied 497 132 patterns in 95 countries.


0 to 255


0 to 255 is a simple tool, but very powerful. It helps you find colors and get color variations for designers. For example, you start with pink, and then 0 to 255 will give you all the pink family that will go along with you pink. We, as designers, have a hard time sometimes to find the best color pallet; well this site just saved you a bunch of time!


Icon Finder


Icon Finder says it all with its name; it is a place to get all the icons you have ever wanted. Most of them are for free with some restricted license. You can download the icons in PNG, in ICO or in ICNS. Honestly, we use this website everyday and we just cannot get enough of it.



Graphic Burger


Ok, this is the most amazing, the guys at Graphic Burger provide you with a lot of graphic elements such as Mock-ups, UI kits, icons, text effects and even more for free. The designs are really amazing and they make awesome additions in your current designs. Go check this website out, it is just simply amazing!


Brian Stuckey Art


Of course, our website is one of the best place to find tips, resources and tricks for the designer society. Just there you can see that we provide awesome resources for you to be an even better designer! So keep in touch and we’ll provide even more not cool but AWESOME stuff!




The Pros and Cons of Banner Advertising

The Pros and Cons of Banner Advertising

Banner advertising makes use of images like logos or photographs instead of texts.  If you can efficiently take advantage of the inherent advantages of banner ads, you can increase the public’s awareness of your service or product especially if you have a recognizable brand.

Pros of Banner Ads

Brand recognition

Banner ads can make your brand easily recognized. You can get a thousand impressions from your viewers. They are attractive and fun making them memorable to web page visitors. Your brand will be the first thing that would pop into the consumer’s mind.

Less cost

Banner ads cost less compared to TV advertising, print advertising or outdoor advertising. All you need to take care of is the designer’s fee and the ad space.

You can save more if you will trade the ad space on your site with someone placing your banner ad on their site.

Targeted audience

Collecting data from a browser’s cookies gives the advertisers details about the browser’s previously accessed sites. Advertisers can then target specific demographics and they even find best company to buy twitter followers to market their services.

Cons of Banner Ads

Results cannot be measured

The basic rule of online marketing is to know if you can achieve your goals by measuring the results. Flashing your banner add on a web page doesn’t exactly mean that they are looking at it or even paying attention to it. You still pay money for the space even if there are no click-throughs.

Unknown conversion rates

Since there is no way of measuring the results, you won’t even know if the banner ads convert to sales.

Cluttered site

A cluttered and confusing site filled with banner ads from top to bottom is no longer appealing. Viewer may lose interest.

Limited attention span of users

Online guests have limited attention span and they got used to the idea of ignoring banner ads even if they are placed on top, bottom or sides.

Additional costs

If you want high quality and effective banner ads, you would have to hire an expert ad designer which will cost you more compared to text-based ads. These experts may require a higher fee but they surely know how to come up with striking and appealing banner ads.


5 Illustration Tips for Marketing Your Brand


The first thing your visitors will notice when they check your website is your illustrations. Therefore, use your web graphics to create a positive impression among your targets. Choose your illustrations well as they could either attract or repel your prospects.  Don’t miss out the opportunity to appeal your targets so check out these tips:

List down your required graphics or illustrations. How many pages do you intend to place on your website? How many illustrations do you need to include on these pages including the home page? Who are your targets? What message are you trying to convey?

The list of considerations is long. Make sure that you are not missing out on anything. If you have lain out your requirements, refer to your list religiously but do not hesitate to make changes when necessary.

Keep your illustrations relevant. Illustrations are tools too. Look for illustrations that are closely related to your brand in order to send the right message. Avoid generic graphics as they may mislead your target audiences and drive them away.

Choose the right color. Colors say so much about your brand. They can add more impact to your message. Colors can encourage your target audiences to patronize your brand in a sublime way. Make sure that your dominant color is in harmony with the rest of the colors on your website.

Use high quality graphics. Everything you place on your website adds to your brand’s credibility. Thus, check the resolution and overall quality of the images you put on your site. You can invest on your illustrations if you want them to be powerful or you can use some creativity to tweak free images on the net.

Be original. Check out your competitor’ websites including their social media accounts. The idea here is to make your site appealing in order to get more traffic. You can work on your website through graphics or you can also buy twitter followers for your social media account.

Visiting the website of other contenders can be your bases for improvement. It can also serve as your way to ensure that you would put up fresh and unique visuals.  To retain your brand on your target markets’ memory, choose graphics that stand out.

Tips to Become A Successful Web Designer

Web Designer

Web designing is a skill. Thus, a college degree in this field is not necessary. Although, it would be a great advantage if you have taken a web design course. A lot of successful web designers developed their web skills on their own. If you aspire to become one, take a look at the following tips:

Take Tutorials on Web Design

This way, your knowledge on programming, coding and scripting would be improved. There are a lot of free tutorials on DHTML, JavaScript, HTML, XML and other scripts online. Know the different program languages and understand how they work.

Install Tools on Your computer

Some of the most utilized web building packages is PhotoShop, Flash, Fireworks and FrontPage.  Take time to study these tools and find out which of them is the easiest for you to work on.

Enroll in a Web Design Class

You will learn how graphics, background and colors affect audiences. If you intend to make your services available to business owners, pay attention on how the different elements on a website could affect the brand’s target markets.

Create Your Own Website

Make your website an area to showcase your skills and services. Just make sure that your links are working and your contents are error-free.

Offer Free Web Design Services

You can offer free web services to your friends or family members. This will enhance your skills and at the same time, you get to market what you do. Your projects would also be an excellent addition to your portfolio.

Keep Yourself Updated

The worldwide web changes regularly. Trends shift before you know it. Therefore, keep yourself abreast with the latest on web design industry. Know what’s hot including upcoming trends. Read journals. Join forums and professional organizations. Broaden your web designer’s network and you will realize that web designing is not only a rewarding career, it can also be fun and enjoyable.


Effective Graphics for Increased Web Traffic


There are so many reasons why your target market would visit your website. However, there is also the same number of reasons why they would repel from it. A strong content is one of the top traffic drivers but even with high quality content, you will still fail in getting your targets’ attention if your website looks unappealing.

One strategy that works for websites is putting up the right images and graphics. You can find a lot if images on the internet. You can also come up with your own images as an option but to make your graphics more effective, you may want to take a look at the following tips:

Be Accurate

There are a myriad of graphics on the internet that you can use. However, before you upload one on your website, thoroughly check the details of the image. For instance, if you want to put a picture of a businessman on your home page, check the facial expression, the background, the dominating color of the image and other details. Make sure that every tiny detail represents the message that you want to convey to your target audiences.

Be Informative

Everything you include on your website should have significance. They should be related to your brand or to the idea that you want to popularize. As much as possible, do away with graphics or images that are only there to adorn your site. Although it would not hurt to include compelling graphics, make sure that you do not overlook your goal, which is to provide information about your product.

Be unique

Using stock images on the internet puts you at risk of using graphics that were already used a thousand times in other websites. You can hire a professional web designer to come up with custom images or you can hire a photographer for a one-of-a-kind image, as an option. However, that can be time-consuming and costly.

As an alternative, you can purchase exclusive rights to a particular stock image but then again, that would be expensive. A cost-effective option is to have one of your in-house web designers, edit, combine and tweak images on the net, in order for you to come up with a new image out of the old ones. All it takes is a little ingenuity and you will have your target images and graphics on your website.

While graphics are there to make your website appealing to your target audiences, you should also keep in mind that everything you place on your website represents your idea and your brand. Encourage more traffic. Put in the right images on your web.

Top Traits of an Effective Web Design Expert

Web Design

Nowadays, offline shopping is almost a thing of the past. With this fast-paced world, almost every consumer out there wants to access goods, services and information as fast as they can, whenever, wherever.

If you want to keep your business at par with this dynamic, ever-changing world, you need to put your brand where your target consumers are; on the worldwide web, no less.

However, doing that is not like having a walk in the park. It takes careful marketing analysis, perseverance, the right tools and effective promotional strategies, to name a few.

Being a businessman, you may be keen at knowing how to increase your return of investments and all that, but chances are, you need assistance when it comes to creating a website that would serve as the converging site between you and your target customers.

One of the options that you may want to consider is hiring a web design expert who can help showcase your brand and at the same time, provide valuable information to your target audiences. There are a lot of experts who offer their services to business owners like you. However, the challenge now is how to determine the right web design expert for you.

The first thing that you should consider is the web designer’s expertise. Take a look at his professional background including his previous projects. You can also search for reviews and client feedback related to him and his works on the internet.

Also, you can request for the contact information of the designer’s previous clients to find out if they were satisfied with his performance or otherwise.

Another basis for choosing a web designer for your site is his ability to interact with you, as a client. He should arrive on time for scheduled meetings and he should also be prompt in responding to your queries or clarifications. You will know that a web designer is professional enough when he delivers quality output on time.



How to Make Your Website Effective

Website Effective

Whether you are promoting a brand, an idea, an event or you just want to share or express your ideas through a web or blog site, you would need a web design for you to effectively convey your message. For entrepreneurs and businesses, a website is one of the ways in which they can increase their prospect’s brand awareness and ultimately convert traffic to actual sales.

Similarly, if you have an event coming up, your website is a good platform for you to heighten your project’s popularity. Because of this, it is important that you make your web design as effective as possible. Here’s how:

Make it user-friendly. You put your website on the worldwide web so for you to put your ideas and product out there. It is your way of introducing what you got to the world and your way of reaching your targets.

However, you won’t be able to do that if your visitors do not know where to go and what to do after checking your website or if your viewers need to squint because your background color is screaming.In other words, make your website easy to navigate, user-friendly with tabs that clearly indicate what it contains and where it will lead the visitors.

Come up with quality content. One of the ways to ensure that your visitors would spend a considerable amount of time on your website or better yet, subscribe to your web page is by giving them something that they need like informative and quality web content.

Quality content does not only mean having useful articles in your website. Your web content should pass through Copyscape. Also, it should have coherent, solid and grammatical articles to connote credibility.

Make it searchable.  No matter how good your web content is and even if your site is exemplary in design, all of these are futile if no one knows about it.

Thus, it is important that you place your backlinks strategically in your articles, the keywords should also be considered and titles should be interesting with effective Meta tags for search ability. You can also submit your website to link directories so your targets can easily find your site.

Avoid Too Much Ads. Your prospects visit your site to get informed or to know your brand. While ads are essential for your website’s survival, you also do not want to drive your visitors away because they are overwhelmed with these advertisements. Keep your ads subtle or limited to make visiting your site an easy and enjoyable experience for your targets.